Now you’ve probably heard of the power of positive affirmations. And you might even have tried a few for yourself. But you feel like you didn’t get a lot out of the experience. So you wonder if affirmations can really help you embrace these messages of positivity and support, and create change from within.

If you want to change your mindset and habits, but you’re finding it difficult to focus or make any
lasting change. If you’re feeling beat and defeated by self-sabotage daily. Staying positive every day is hard. And the negative influences from every avenue and media penetrate your thoughts daily. Whether you realize it or not, it affects your mood, how you see the world, and how you view yourself.


And are the perfect fit for this occasion. But there’s a secret to it all – they’re not always a one-size-fits-all. Sometimes you need more personalized affirmation messages that can amplify the positive changes in your life. In addition, as you read and recite these affirmations they require a set intention, your full attention, faith, application, and consistency. But, the work and effort invested in using affirmations can produce permanent life-long changes and results.

Watch and listen to these affirmations below!

Affirmations for Black Women

Why AFFIRMATIONS are effective? 

Affirmations are a more realistic and holistic approach in dealing
directly with changing thought patterns in the human brain. Directly addressing the subconscious mind where our negative, hurtful memories and traumas are stored. Not only will affirmations encourage awareness of root causes with our personal issues but, they will enable you to tackle subconscious blockages that prevent you from doing and being your best.

Ever notice how you can listen to a song multiple times, hear the song in your head and recite it. Watch a movie and/or T.V. show, remember what you’ve watched and how it made you feel. Read or study a book, remember what you’ve read and apply it as necessary. This is something that we do regularly as human-beings that goes unnoticed but, is extremely POWERFUL. Our minds are like sponges, absorbing everything we see, hear, and experience with or without awareness. This has a major effect on how we operate as people mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Using affirmations is no different than being a student who studies regularly and practices repetitiously over time to learn and apply the necessary material needed to succeed. If you are currently a student, you understand the importance of practice, study, and application when it comes to being great at your craft.

Say it. Think it. Act it. Believe it. And eventually, you Become it. Transform yourself one day at a time! YOU CAN DO IT!

Below are 36 of the most SIMPLE yet, POWERFUL and NECCESSARY affirmations for black WOMEN that WILL manifest CHANGE! Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel! Watch and listen to these affirmations here!

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Below are 36 of the most SIMPLE yet, POWERFUL and NECCESSARY affirmations for black WOMEN that WILL manifest CHANGE! Subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel!

– Today is going to be a great day.

– Life is great and it only gets better.

– I can take up space and create the atmosphere I desire for myself.

– I remain calm, confident, and centered in spite of negative forces.

– I am an extension of the supreme creator’s power.

– My creation is intentional and purposeful.

– The supreme creator protects me and has my best interest.

– No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

–  I am beautifully unique.

– I am a valuable human being.

– I am worthy of the life I desire.

– I deserve to be healthy and happy.

– I create healthy boundaries that protect my well-being.

– I am worthy of love and respect.

– I am loved.

– I completely love, accept, and embrace all of me.

– I am open to giving and receiving love.

– I am a magnet for love, abundance, and prosperity.

– I am open and receptive to learning and growing.

– I am bigger than my mistakes.

– I learn the lesson I need to learn then release my mistakes.

– I choose to be human rather than perfect.

– I allow myself to forgive, heal, and move forward.

– Failure doesn’t determine my destiny.

– Giving up isn’t in my DNA.

– I make and follow my own path.

– I believe in myself.

– I am capable and competent.

– I can do anything I put my mind and energy to.

– I focus on how I can improve.

– I compete with myself not others.

– I have faith and trust in my process.

– I am patient in my process.

– Good things are worth the work.

– I make space for my happiness and self-care daily.

– I live a balanced and fulfilling life.