Transform your mindset, your habits, and your life with

Personalized Affirmation MP3 Recordings

Powerful affirmation messages customized and recorded to support your specific needs

You want to change your mindset and habits, but you’re finding it difficult to focus or make any lasting change.

Self-sabotage seems to be the order of the day.

Staying positive every day is hard.

And the negative influences from every avenue and media penetrate your thoughts daily. Whether  you realize it or not, it affects your mood, how you see the world, and how you view yourself.

You need something that can help you consciously and unconsciously build a positive mindset…

…a tool designed to help you overcome the negative influences coming at you from every angle.

One that can help you stimulate your brain, your mind, and body into healing itself.

Where you can promote positive changes in your thoughts, actions, and behaviors. And eliminate the negative thoughts your subconscious mind stores and feeds you daily.

Now you’ve probably heard of the power of positive affirmations

And you might even have tried a few for yourself. But you feel like you didn’t get a lot out of the experience.

So you wonder if affirmations can really help you embrace these messages of positivity and support, and create change from within.

Yes, affirmations work. But there’s a secret to it all – they’re not always a one-size-fits-all. Sometimes you need more personalized affirmation messages that can amplify the positive changes in your life.

It’s time to design the life you want with

Customized Affirmation MP3s

Because there is power in the spoken word. And you can

claim that power to help you create the life you desire.

Cornelius Pride
Cornelius Pride
June 23, 2022


Greetings! I’ve been using my personalized, affirmations mp3 for over 30 days now. It’s amazing the change its made in my self esteem and demeanor. Thank you all so much for the good work you do!

June 14, 2022

Personal Affirmation

JIP has been awesome as I tune in to their affirmations on their YouTube videos frequently. I was blessed to be selected for a FREE personal affirmation in a drawing they were doing. The process is detailed and tailored to fit your needs. They did a lovely job and DELIVERED! My affirmations have been very helpful in my journey to healing, loving, and forgiving…one day at a time!

Derricc Smith
Derricc Smith
February 3, 2022

Great Service and Videos!

I won the Youtube contest that Sheem & Regal put on and received my personalized affirmations video within a subsequent couple of days. They have you take a survey before customizing your video to get an idea of what affirmations would suit you best. I chose the Black male narration and my affirmations focused on healing. I really enjoyed the video that they sent, though I wish it was a bit longer (9-10 minutes would have been great), I cannot complain because they have so many other great videos on their channel that I strongly suggest you watch!

Chris Warthen
Chris Warthen
January 29, 2022

Exactly what I needed.

I have been listening to meditation music, mantras and affirmations for quite some time. One day I had the idea to create my own, with just my voice but it lacked the music in the background. I knew what I wanted was a masculine voice, but everything I searched for was mostly white males with a nasally sounding voice. I finally got the idea to search for “Affirmations black male voice” and I stumbled on to JIP and have followed them both ever since. I enjoyed the vibe and energy of the youtube clips, and enjoyed the sound of his voice and how clear everything sounded. Sadly there were ads in the beginning of each clip so I didn’t use them daily, but when JIP said they were going to make custom affirmations I became super excited. I must have checked their youtube page daily looking for a link to the site where I could order. I believe after a month or so, I finally asked if I had missed the link and they were nice enough to share it with me early! I ordered right away and I am pleased and impressed. The format was simple and easy to understand the ordering process and everything was laid out and easy to do on my phone. The prices were affordable, and the turn around time was quick. I love my affirmation, its exactly what I needed, and exactly what I needed to hear. Its amazing how they were able to craft the three ideas I had into a cohesive vision. I plan on ordering more soon, but I would certainly recommend having a custom affirmation for yourself. It really is a game changer when you’re trying to work on your mindset.

Billy Batson
Billy Batson
January 5, 2022

Personal Affirmation

I Am a proud supporter of Journey into Positivety already. So, I had nothing but high expectations for the personal affirmation. I listened this morning and was very pleased. I wanted a affirmation tailored to where I Am in my life right now. I have it and will listen every day. Thank you family for the healing work you bring to the world with a centralized focus on the black community. “We appreciate your presence”.

Derrick G.
Derrick G.
December 20, 2021


I absolutely fell in love with my affirmations mp3! It has helped me create space for healing. Thank you!

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Say it. Think it. Act it. Believe it. And eventually, you Become it.

You get to transform your life one day at a time.

And you get to make it happen with your own custom-made affirmation audio recording.

Let’s transform your life with your custom affirmations

Our vocal affirmation tool is a more realistic approach in dealing directly with changing thought patterns of the human brain. It enables you to tackle subconscious blockages that prevent you from doing and being your best.

With these personalized affirmation recordings, you can create your own guided meditation sessions to help you:

➢Reduce stress

➢Increase brain activity

➢Improve intelligence

➢Enhance physical performance

➢Improve health and wellness

We understand the power of positive affirmations done the right way. We have used them to change our lives and we continue to use them today. That’s why we ensure to follow all the steps necessary for you to get a personalized, powerful affirmation that can change your life with daily, consistent use.

The Journey to Positivity process for creating powerful custom affirmations

When you place your order, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire detailing what it is you’re looking for.

Using your answer as a guide, we choose specific POWERHOUSE affirmations that target DESIRED positive thoughts, behaviors, and habits.

But before recording, we cleanse our recording area with sage. This helps to boost manifestation and remove negative energies. We also perform a Reiki prayer. We want to channel healing energy and bless the effectiveness of your personalized affirmations for rapid positive change.

You’ll then get a personalized recording crafted to help you cut through the noise and your brain’s inherent resistance.

Each time you listen to your personalized affirmations, repeat along vocally or in your mind, and BELIEVE that you are speaking these statements into existence for your life – you’ve taken another step to change your life.

Even if you just press play and listen, you are feeding and reprogramming your subconscious mind for the mindset and life you desire. You’ll eventually have your reality match your desires.

Why customized affirmation MP3s?

With your Personalized Affirmation MP3 Recording, you get to:

➢Choose up to 3 Focused Topics per track

➢Choose the Track Vibe or Genre

➢Choose a Male or Female Voice

➢Add Healing Nature Sounds

➢Add Healing Frequencies

➢Request Additional Custom Add-Ons relative to your personalized affirmations


Use your personalized affirmation MP3 recordings in multiple ways to encourage consistency and change that include, but are not limited to:

– Morning routine
– Evening routine
– Pre/Post/Between Therapy sessions
– During Sleep (effortless and extremely effective)
– Shower/Bath
– Mirror
– Meditation
– Spiritual Rituals
– Yoga
– Cleaning
– Cooking
– Studying
– Leisure
– Exercise (walking, running, work-outs)
– Car rides
– Lunch/Work breaks

Imagine if you could set a positive tone for the day and uplift your spirits … everyday

That you have the ability to change or manage your unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, habits, anxiety, and depression without the temporary effects of pharmaceutical drugs and substances that only numb but don’t encourage resolving root causes.

Where you have a practical and effortless way to apply improved thoughts, behaviors, and habits over time until they become second nature.

Imagine the power of reprogramming your subconscious mind with an affirmation recording created just for you.

You will be making a SMALL investment for an effective tool that will be available to you for a LIFETIME. One that produces PERMANENT life-long results when you use it properly and consistently.


Hi, we’re Regal and Sheem

Certified Coaches in Self-Empowerment, overcoming Self-Sabotage, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Meditation Facilitation, and Law of Attraction practices.

We are also spiritual healers with over 7 years of experience in positive self-transformation with the use of meditation, affirmations, & mindfulness practices.

We are also firm believers that everything begins and ends with the mind. And as spiritual healers, we know you need more than just the words. So, our process from beginning to end ensures to bring only light and positivity to your recording so you can feel the power from within.

If you enjoy our affirmation videos on YouTube, then you’ll LOVE this customized experience where …

✓You can access your affirmations offline

✓There are no ads interrupting your meditation

✓You get to choose what affirmations are recorded for you

Congratulate yourself on taking control of your power to transform. We speak that these personalized affirmations will be effective in rewiring your mind for positive transformation!

Journey Into Positivity

What does your unconscious self need to hear right now?

Get a powerful customized affirmation recording specific to your needs and begin the

process of transforming your life.

**Remember, these personalized affirmations are a TOOL in your transformation. It is your will, work, desire for change, belief, and consistency that guarantees
the results. We recommend doing this 2x a day for 21 days minimum and once a day going forward for maximum life-long results.