What do you know about MEDITATION?

Is it religious? Is it biased? Is it difficult? Does it really work?

Contrary to popular belief, MEDITATION is a UNIVERSAL PRACTICE that is known to be associated with different religious and spiritual practices all over the world dating back to ancient eastern civilization (Africa, Asia, and India) as early as 5000 BC (Before Christ). The fact that it’s a popular and beneficial practice today in western civilization signifies it’s POWER!

The primary purpose of MEDITATION is to help maintain mental, physical, and spiritual health, alignment, and connectedness.

Why is this important for MENTAL HEALTH?

Our mind has the ability to control and alter will-power, perception, emotions, reactions, decisions, absorbing, releasing information, and etc. It is one of the most under-played tools that we possess as beings. The mind is a vital component of a TRINITY: MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. It is not healthy to neglect any part of this trinity. If all three parts of the trinity are not aligned this causes imbalances such as: depression, anxiety, stress, physical, spiritual ailments, and etc.—-this is where MEDITATION comes in.

The alignment of the trinity is what gives us our best chance to live a more fulfilled life. Of course, the science behind how meditation works is a little more expansive, and there are different types and forms of meditation. In addition, to  elemental foundations of MEDITATION as well. If you are interested in knowing more, we highly encourage conducting your own research for a more authentic understanding.

BUT GUESS WHAT ??? If you are interested in starting your MEDITATION journey today, it is NOT as complicated as it seems and there are multiple ways you can implement this practice in your day. But, for now, you can begin by watching our video on “5 Beginner Tips For Meditating At Home,” with our YOUTUBE tab in the POSITIVE TALK playlist. Subscribe, Let’s JOURNEY together!

The importance of MEDITATION in the balance of mental health, relationships, and the TRINITY: MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

Enlighten Yourself

We will dive into some of the major BENEFITS of practicing MEDITATION. It’s very important for us to understand what this practice is and why we want to implement it in our lives daily. This helps to give us more direction and consistency in using this practice. Especially, if we struggle with applying and using this practice properly.


1) THE MIND: Do you struggle with staying focused? Are you forgetful? Do you tend to overthink? Do you struggle to have CONTROL of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental imbalances? Our mind is our primary source of CONTROL, it’s easy for us to fall victim to these mental imbalances due to us NOT exercising our ability to CONTROL our minds. MEDITATION is known to help with encouraging CONTROL, will-power, awareness, the ability to learn, access and retain information

2) THE BODY: MEDITATION BOOSTS IMMUNITY! In addition to maintaining healthy eating habits, fasting, having a healthy diet, and being physically active. We are ENERGY beings! MEDITATION gives us the ability to channel positive healing energies by helping us to connect more with our divine power. This also helps with anti-aging, boosting metabolism, better sleep, reducing stress, and tension in the body. Did you know that constantly absorbing and carrying negativity and toxic energies can make you SICK literally? MEDITATION also helps with releasing negative and toxic energies.

3) THE SPIRIT: MEDITATION encourages balance and alignment. Moreover, it focuses on the INTERNAL (going inside ourselves), helping us to evaluate and improve the way we think, how we see, what we feel, and connecting us to our higher selves. This practice has been known to make inner issues surface because, it’s important that we are able to address, remove, and resolve blockages that prevent us from being our BEST self. Helping to increase self-love, love, happiness, appreciation, enlightenment, and gratitude. However, this does require that you are DEDICATED to becoming a better you!

INTENTION as an elemental foundation in MINDFULNESS PRACTICES:

What is INTENTION?— Well, INTENTION can be summarized as a determination to act a certain way according to purpose whether it be positive or negative. This is something that can be done WITH or WITHOUT SELF-AWARENESS. Moreover, you want to have a clear understanding of why you are doing something and what you are doing for before you do it. If you aren’t aware of your intentions when you do things, this can easily backfire.

People often neglect the understanding that everything is ENERGY. So, if you are consciously or unconsciously harnessing negative, dark energy in your mind and heart. You could be inducing SELF-SABOTAGE. Have you ever heard the term,”SHADOW WORK.” This is a practice where you address and acknowledge hidden traumas, mental, spiritual, and physical imbalances (abuse, neglect, abandonment, jealousy, envy, low self-esteem, unworthiness, inadequacy, etc.) If you aren’t practicing being aware of these emotions and traumas, you could easily be operating out them unconsciously and not be aware.

Thus, attracting, harnessing, and manifesting these energies in your life. INTENTION plays an important role in the positive/negative energy and manifestations that we attract in our lives. Which is why it’s vital we understand what our INTENTIONS are with thoughts, feelings, actions, connections, and people. INTENTION is foundational in the content of character and the heart. It’s more beneficial for us to have good intentions, as this could attraction good energy and positive manifestations. It is also foundational in the practice of using MEDITATION and AFFIRMATIONS.


Ever notice how you can listen to a song multiple times, hear the song in your head and recite it. Watch a movie and/or T.V. show, remember what you’ve watched and how it made you feel. Read or study a book, remember what you’ve read and apply it as necessary. This is something that we do regularly as human-beings that goes unnoticed but, is extremely POWERFUL. Our minds are like sponges, absorbing everything we see, hear, and experience with or without awareness. This has a major effect on how we operate as people mentally, physically, and spiritually.

“How does this connect with AFFIRMATIONS and MANTRAS?”

To begin, AFFIRMATIONS and MANTRAS are one in the same, “ a statement, slogan, or word used to anchor meditation and/or change thought patterns.” EXAMPLE: “I AM GROUNDED!”— By constantly reading, showing, and/or telling your mind what you want or who you want to be, your brain absorbs and will physically manifest it. This also requires your will to believe, feel, and act on your desires. Relative to changing your vibration as an energy being (law of attraction), allowing you to co-create your desires with the universe. Listening to and/or reading AFFIRMATIONS and MANTRAS is no different than listening to a song, reading a book, or watching T.V. Your mind is absorbing this with or without awareness. The more energy you give to this, the more effective it is. Now let’s be clear, this does require consistency. If you truly want to see effectiveness, we recommend the use of AFFIRMATIONS and/or MANTRAS for a minimum of 21 days or more.

Looking for a place to start, click the tab for YouTube to access our playlist filled with recorded AFFIRMATIONS. Feel free to explore, hit play and listen during your morning routine, drive, work-out, meditation, study, sleep, leisure, and more!

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Why MINDFULNESS and AWARENESS practices are WORTH it?

Enlighten Yourself

We want to make it very clear that MINDFULNESS and AWARENESS practices go beyond the act of MEDITATION and reciting AFFIRMATIONS. Meditation and Affirmations are effective tools that assist in the process. However, mindfulness and awareness practices also consist of paying attention to yourself, surroundings, being honest with yourself, addressing/acknowledging trauma/issues and releasing them, the role you play in your life and relationships, seeing different options, perspectives, emotional intelligence, mentalism, time, patience, and possibly professional assistance.

Sounds like this could be a lot right??? Well, consider the amount of time and energy that people invest into being unhappy, unfulfilled, insecure, depressed, anxious, jealous, and just overall negative. Continuously attracting and harnessing this energy in their life. The energy you give to your pain could  be redirected to your greater purpose in life. Your happiness, health, and fulfillment is WORTH the investment of putting in the work to reverse the complete consumption of negativity in your mind, body, and spirit.  Bring balance, humilty, understanding, accountability, responsibility, self-love, love, compassion, confidence, self-worth and fulfillment into your life by being willing to go through the process of mindfulness and awareness, changing your life for the BETTER.

Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Trust, from our personal experience, working to overcome self-sabotage is worth the POSITIVE LIFE-LONG RESULTS you will get. As, the saying goes, “Faith without work, is DEAD!” It’s not an overnight process nor does it warrant perfection but, it guarantees positive life-long change that can’t be produced by medication, temporary highs, temporary happiness, temporary relationships, and validation . Looking for a little guidance and direction on your journey into positivity.  Check out our PATREON tab, become a member of our podcast and receive some valuable input and experience on how you can overcome some of the challenges in this process. As we mentioned before, be on the look out for our 1:1 coaching services in the future.