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About Us

Representation Matters

Welcome to our website, we are GRATEFUL that you are here! We are Regal and Sheem better know as ‘Journey Into Positivity’ on the YOUTUBE and PATREON platform.

We are a black, married couple with 3 children who know about the struggles of being melanated beings doing our best to maintain in a society that doesn’t highlight the importance of the black family structure, black mental, spiritual, and physical health and relationships.

We believe that these elements are important for our unity and balance as a people. REPRESENTATION MATTERS! Working conscientiously to overcome self-sabotage and the negative influences of the media, our best practices that have and continue to help us with combating these forces are MEDITATION, AFFIRMATIONS, and MINDFULNESS.

These practices continue to make a significant positive impact in healing our trauma, self-esteem, mindset, marriage, parenthood, relationships, and business. It is our mission to share these practices with you all in hopes that they will have a significant positive impact in your life as well.

We have over 7 years experience with the use of these practices. In addition, we are Certified Coaches in Self Empowerment, overcoming Self-Sabotage, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Meditation facilitation, and Law of Attraction practices. 1:1 Coaching Services will be offered in the future as we are working diligently to provide an effective structure for you if you are interested in receiving sessions.

However, feel free to explore our website and take advantage of the services that we currently offer to you for less than a Netflix subscription to NOTHING. We also recommend various tools to assist you in spiritual and mindfulness practices. 

Thank you for your support in helping us to continue to provide free services to you. We speak love, light, good health, abundance, and prosperity into you.

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Affirmations for black men




Affirmations for black men

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